December 9, 2007

Tony & Joe's

I went to Tony & Joe's on a date after work one day. I was kinda scared when I first walked in because there were tons of men sitting at the bar, and everyone turned towards the door, and I felt like I just interupted a boys club meeting or something. But we were seated in the dining area and it was very nice. The waiters brought out bread while we waited for our food. Both of us ordered the Cream of Crab soup, which was delish. For an appetizers we had the Spinach Crab dip and we DEVOURED it, it was soooo good and it was such a large portion that we couldn't even finish it. I had to force myself to stop eating it so that I would have room for my entree. For the entree I ordered the Tony & Joe's Broiled platter. YUM! Unfortunately I ate too much dip so I couldn't finish the entire thing. But I tried to stuff as much as I could into my mouth that my little tummy would allow. I was very impressed with the food. The wait staff was very helpful and were like on cue with everything! It was like they had secret cameras that alerted them when we were done with our plates. I highly suggest this place if you enjoy seafood. There is a patio area that overlooks the waterfront, unfortunately it was too chilly to sit outside and enjoy the view.

Location: Georgetown Waterfront
Price Range $30-up

Tony and Joe's Seafood Place in Washington

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