November 25, 2007

Bistro Francais

After the 2007 CBC Gala and partying, a group of us were seeking an alternative for the Diner since we didn't feel like going to Adams Morgan to grab something to eat. I was referenced to the restaurant prior to and knew it stayed open until about 4 A.M. so I figured I would suggest it and try it out. WELL, that was a waste, I ordered the Oeufs Norvegienne (Poached eggs with smoked salmon hollandaise sauce on an English muffin), being that they didn't really have a breakfast menu, I was limited in what I wanted to order because I was already in the mood for breakfast food. I thought maybe it was only me being finicky about my food because I was disappointed because there wasn't anything on the menu that I really wanted but the rest of the group also complained about their food. One person even complained that their chicken Cesar salad wasn't even that great (I really don't know how you mess that one up). It's not a place I would try to visit again.

Prices range $15-30

Bistro Francais in Washington


Tiger said...

Linguini aux Fruit de Mer - Did anyone try this from the Brunch menu? Just curious because it sounds good.

Anonymous said...

Best french restaurant in DC. In response to the original post...First of all, if you want breakfast the eggs Benedict is the best around. Don't order chicken Cesar salad at a french restaurant idiot. Go to Panera or mcDonalds if you want Cesar salad and an egg McMuffin. The online menu is only half the offerings. Daily menu specials are posted on the left flap of the restaurant menu and include dishes like venison in grand veneur sauce, roast duck leg in raspberry sauce, cassoulet, salmon with crabmeat souffle. There is also a late nite prefix (25 bucks) and you get a soup (try the mussel and saffron soup!!) a main course (like the roast duck) and a dessert (almond tart is pretty good).