April 27, 2009


UPDATE: This venue is now CLOSED and has been replaced by Mi Cocina

Location: Chevy Chase/Friendship Heights
Nearest Metro: Redline Friendship Heights
Website: http://www.famosorestaurant.com/

This is what you call a place that has Hollywood Swank. How could you not when the restaurant is located next to Tiffany & Co. & Barney's Co-op. Don't be surprised when you see plenty of famous and infamous people here. On the warmer days the patio is available for seating. Decorated with a grand style bar and white formica chairs and tables. The servers and waiters/waitresses are decent.

Now onto the juicy good stuff, the food! I strongly suggest this place for brunch. It's perfect with an Italian menu crafted with pizza, pasta, salads, foccaci, and paninis. The brunch menu also includes breakfast items such as omelets and waffles, which are all very delectable. The food isn't as pricey as you would expect, but the presentation of the food would make you think that your pockets would cry when you walk out, but quite the contrary. The pizzas are AMAZING. Thin crust, fresh ingredients, you cannot go wrong ordering one of these creations. The other day for brunch I had the salmon and baby goat cheese foccaci with arugala. I must say not only was it larger than I expect, but it was awesome. I might have to sneak back and grab another one this weekend.

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Capital Spice said...

Nice write up. I've heard good things about Famoso but haven't visited yet. A co-worker told me they do a fun party trick with risotto by mixing it in a hollowed out parmesan cheese. Sounds awesomely decadant.

DCEatsAficionado said...

Oh you will definitely be pleased =) I haven't experienced the party trick yet, but may need to do so