March 16, 2009


Location: 444 7th St. NW, Washington DC, 20004
Penn Quarters
Nearet Train: China Town (red, yellow, green line)

Sei is a new restaurant in Penn Quarters, that just opened in late January, by the same people who have produced Oya. When you walk in, you can have the same expectations of Oya. It's clean, modern, upscale, and has awesome service. The white walls and contemporary decor really take you outside of Penn Quarters and put you somewhere else. It's definitely noticeable that the management puts a lot of emphasis on customer service and it shows, good job. The bartenders were pretty good at making great drinks, and the saki menu is pretty extensive. The waitress was quite personable and so were the runners.

The menu is creative and keeps the basics of sushi with a flare. I enjoyed the appetizers they offered. Sei is a little pricier, but not unreasonable. I would strongly suggest this place for a happy hour or for a romantic date. Definitely need to check it out. I think it's the next IT Sushi spot.

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